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Help & Info about Imo for windows

  • What is IMO?

    IMO is a social media application designed to allow users to take part in video calls while simultaneously exchanging text messages. This makes it a useful and fun application for anybody who wants to chat online with their friends.
  • Does IMO cost anything to install?

    No. The IMO software can be downloaded from the official website and installed on the user's device without any charge or fee. This means that it can be set up and activated completely for free.
  • Does IMO come with data charges when used?

    Money-conscious users should be aware that, while the software is free to install, the process of using it may lead to data charges on occasion. This is worth baring in mind for anyone who is keeping an eye on their spending while using social media.
  • What platforms are compatible with IMO?

    All of the main formats are covered: the software can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.
  • How does IMO's Buddy List function?

    The Buddy List is easily accessible using the software's interface. Here, you can add friends to an approved list to ensure that you have their details on hand; the list comes with a search function, making it easy to identify specific friends even as the list grows in size while more names are added.
  • Does IMO have a limit on how many texts or images can be shared between users?

    No. The service has absolutely no limit on the number of texts or images that a user can send. No matter how long you want to keep a conversation going on, or how many images you want to share along the way, the app will not interrupt your session or halt you from sending further messages.
  • Does IMO have a sticker function?

    Yes. The software comes with hundreds of sticker designs that can be applied to photos being shared. This will add a touch of fun to conversations, as people can enjoy placing digital stickers over photos of their friends and family, helping to convey emotions or simply for the sake of humour.
  • Is a telephone number required when registering an account with IMO?

    Yes, anybody registering an account to use the software will be required to provide a working telephone number as part of the registration process. This additional security step may be off-putting for some, but most users should have little problem.
  • Does IMO support third-party messaging services?

    No. The software is not designed to be used in conjunction with messaging services from third-party developers. This is a drawback for users more familiar with other services, but can be overcome simply through familiarity with IMO itself and what it has to offer its users.
  • Does IMO support group calling?

    Unfortunately for any users who are hoping to get a whole group of friends involved with a chat session, the software does not support group callings. This means that any discussion taking place using the app will have to be between two users, and no more.


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