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Imo 1.2.11

Free PC-Based Software to Send Text Messages and Video Calls

Imo for PC is a free chat & instant messaging application which allows users to participate in video calls while sending and receiving text messages. As this program is completely free to download, it can be a welcome alternative. There is no limit in regards to the number of calls that can be made over this service. Imo is also available for Android and for iPhone

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  • Shariful Islam Pathan

    by Shariful Islam Pathan

    Batter Version i need for Version, its download version to windows 7 version

  • Min Ayer

    by Min Ayer

    best apps to send message and video calls fast and not disturbed for long time easy and fast

  • Bangla kingdom of the world

    by Bangla kingdom of the world

    very helpful for video chat and call. It also helpful in communication

  • Naeem Khan

    by Naeem Khan

    its nice apps fotr vedio call to connect with friends around the worlds

  • Demetria Murry

    by Demetria Murry

    i love to talk to my friends in i love imo to the end. i stay on imo 24/7

  • Amanuel Lemo

    by Amanuel Lemo

    i wan o make video call with someone outside sorry am interested with this ,but you made the path to down load this application complicated

  • Rajib Hossain

    by Rajib Hossain

    Very effective for online conversation. That's why we review it.

  • Kenzie & Trey Family

    by Kenzie & Trey Family

    It's a good service to chat With friends. Great quality! Takes time out of your day instead of being bored! You have a story that you share what's going on in your life! I really recremend it for the following that are intrested!

  • rovelyn casao

    by rovelyn casao

    big help to the family especially in terms of budgeting money,,,we can see and talk to my love one without costing a lot of money and its hassle free

  • sherry akbar

    by sherry akbar

    i want to chat on imo on my friends but the imo messenger is not download on my pc please help me

  • Jayantha Samarasinghe

    by Jayantha Samarasinghe

    good app imo iam use than before 4 5 year so i like imo video calling

  • STU-Elicia Parker

    by STU-Elicia Parker

    OMG, I love this app and I can make a video call to my cutest BFF, Alicia Keys.

  • sherry akbar

    by sherry akbar

    i want to downnload imo messanger but this app is not install in my laptop please help me to download this versiom.

  • Khairulhasan Mahiem

    by Khairulhasan Mahiem

    excelent. awesome. i think imo isthe better app for online chating calling etc

  • by Dan Mills

    Because it is the first messaging app to work in low-bandwidth areas. I can have a video conversation with people that I previously had trouble with audio only!

  • Depan Gajmer

    by Depan Gajmer

    Its very easy to use with clear audio and video. i recommend it for all.

  • Sumit Shah

    by Sumit Shah

    not so bad. its too easy to talk and videos chat better then other apps.

  • Leila Almasi

    by Leila Almasi

    This app perfectly works with my iphone and android! I super love that this app is very easy-to-use and helps me maintain my network. Though, I kinda don't like that any contact can invite anyone without the prior knowledge of the group. Hope they could work it out! Nonetheless, all is well for this app!!

  • Amit Kummar

    by Amit Kummar

    It is unbelievable how this app can work with two devices. I love that Imo helps me to keep in touch with my family, relatives, and friends. I also love that I can do everything with this one app. I can call, text, video chat, send emoji stickers to make the conversations more fun. Definitely worthy to download!

  • Janine Burke

    by Janine Burke

    This is my favorite web-based chat service in the world. I installed this software in my laptop and I was instantly amazed by its features. I personally love that I can sign into my multiple accounts like Facebook, Google and Skype simultaneously. This is a must-have especially for us who loves social networking.

  • Paul Anderson

    by Paul Anderson

    Great app altogether. Nice that it's also available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Used to get it from filehippo but I found the review here and decided to give it a try. I'll use it for my Android if I find the apk too

  • Bonita Bonita

    by Bonita Bonita

    i think most peopole use it . the sound better. pkture.and much moor

  • Muhammad Hamza

    by Muhammad Hamza

    Imo is nice to chat with family through this software. Nice video chat

  • Divakar Gaur

    by Divakar Gaur

    No we can not. Nicekkgh jkrutyu tututrut 5yuu uu rytyA huioi; fwfdtjs gjperyu eryrht terptrotdf. Pros: jghjgjhjghj y tjji i. yuiui y. Cons: ty iutyityi rryuy. uy uryuy ityi ru

  • Nabil Safder

    by Nabil Safder


  • HoneyLyn Vicente

    by HoneyLyn Vicente


  • Caafi Duceysane

    by Caafi Duceysane

    thank you.

  • Mengade 1999

    by Mengade 1999


  • محمد عواد

    by محمد عواد


  • Sk Hossen

    by Sk Hossen